Testimonials & Accolades

“After working together on Thimbleweed Park, I didn’t hesitate to contact Concha to translate my games into Spanish, as well as to manage the localisation team for the rest of the languages.

I was already familiar with Concha and her team’s level of professionalism, but I was surprised at how easy it was to work with them. The deadlines were met (and even exceeded), and after the launch we received many messages from players of different nationalities congratulating us on the localisation. It was an impeccable job.

The idea of translating our first games into other languages was a bit scary, as we didn’t know how the localisation process would work, nor what difficulties we would face. Fortunately, Concha managed and adapted the process to make it as easy as possible for us. It was fast, professional, and with a very satisfactory result.

I would recommend Concha without hesitation. With her impressive portfolio and my experience working with her, it is clear to me that she is one of the best professionals in the localisation field today. I hope to have the opportunity to work with her and her team on future projects.”

I have been nominated for a localization award on 4 occasions:

202113 SentinelsBest translation of a video game for console, PC, web or mobile deviceIX Premios ATRAE, SpainTranslator
2022Psychonauts 2Best video game localization without dubbingPremios ETIV-UVigo 2022, SpainReviewer
2023Return to Monkey IslandBest video game localization without dubbingPremios ETIV-UVigo 2023, SpainLocalization Lead & Translator
2024– – –Best QA and Localisation Service ProviderDevelop:Star Awards 2024, United KingdomSpanish Lead at Warlocs

My work has been mentioned in the press and user reviews.

“The translation of Thimbleweed Park into Spanish is a fantastic and laborious work that knows how to capture the essence of what is being said so that it reaches us with the same humorous intensity as the original.”

—Alberto Murcia, Antihype

“The translation of texts, menus and even stage objects into Spanish is magnificent, with jocular puns and jokes that will make you feel like when you freaked out saying ‘pretty please with sugar on top in the first game.”

—Daniel Quesada, HobbyConsolas

“The translation is a real treat, with expressions and colloquialisms that are very well adapted to our language and which seek at all times to respect the original Japanese script as much as possible.“

—Carlos Leiva, Vandal

“The translation and localisation of dialogues and menus deserve a special mention. The Spanish is excellent, including expressions of the language and not mere translations. A great positive point considering that this is a title that can be considered perfectly indie.“

—Sebastián Vega, Area Xbox

The translation is superb. Each character has his or her own way of speaking, respecting their distinct personalities.

—Marcos Casal, GuiltyBit