My Services

For a polished localization, the best combination is translation, proofreading and LQA. Nevertheless, your project might be at a particular stage of localization, or you might be looking for someone to join your localization team. Here is how I can help:


The basic process of localization. You will get a human translation that sounds natural to the Spanish audience. My specialties are poetry, wordplay and humor.

Proofreading, Monolingual & Bilingual Review

Through my many years of experience, I have become familiar with the usual suspects that make a stiff text. My command of Spanish linguistic rules will tackle any potential spelling, punctuation and grammatical mistakes.

Localization Quality Assurance (LQA)

No matter how perfect a text is, video games entail other elements that might cause truncation, overlapping or contextual errors. It is essential to see the translation in game before it is published to avoid any unexpected situations.


‘Should credits names be transliterated in Japanese?’ ‘What can developers do to support gendered languages?’ Let me help with your questions about localization.

Project Management

Do you need any other languages besides European Spanish? I will gather a team of translators and will be your point of contact. I work with translators of German, French (European & Canadian), Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian & European), Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese (Simplified & Traditional).

Localization Assessment

If your game has already been localized, and you would like to know the quality of the text, I can examine the files or a sample.

I would recommend Concha without hesitation. With her impressive portfolio and my experience working with her, it is clear to me that she is one of the best professionals in the localisation field today.

Contact Me

Have you decided on localizing your game? Do you need help on how to get started? Do not hesitate to reach me out.