About Me

I am from Seville, Spain. I always wanted to become a game dev, but when I was about to enter university, I decided to go with my other interest instead: languages.

I studied English Language and Literature while also learning French and Japanese. Shortly after I graduated, I programmed virtual assistants as a computational linguist for 3 years. But I already had in mind studying Translation before that, so I took two Master’s Degrees in Translation & New Technologies and Audiovisual Translation, which included Localization.

I have been working as a professional translator since 2011. In 2014, I moved to London and lived there for 7 years, where I discovered the narrative convention AdventureX and became more active in the adventure games community.

I managed to combine my love for video games and languages into my day job.

What games do I play?

My favourite video game genre is adventure, so I am a huge fan of classics Monkey Island, Maniac Mansion, Grim Fandango, and Broken Sword. Lately, I have become fond of Bioware’s games such as blockbusters Mass Effect and Dragon Age. I also fell into the World of Warcraft fever during 6 years, where I led my own guild and participated in tournaments.

I am mostly a PC person, but I also have a PS5 and a Switch. As a mom with not so much free time, I scratch the itch with mobile games. Playing games also helps me keep up with my work field.

Personally involved

I always go the extra mile for the projects I work on. My professional experience and personal background will boost your game. Check how I can help you.